The Researchers

Rory Sharp is on his twentieth rotation around the sun. He is a first year student at New College of Florida and is originally from Berkeley, CA. In the ongoing dadaist piece of performance art that is his academic life, Rory pretends to be aiming for a Gender Studies AOC.

Rachel Ceciro is a tiny human with a gargantuan heart. She boasts many talents, which include but are not limited to: spending 18$ on cookies in a span of three days, raging on for hours about her hatred for naturalism, and narrating her life through the power of song. Talk to her about Into the Woods, The Cheetah Girls, or your passionate loathing for Emile Zola and she will be the greatest friend you’ve ever had, though she is probably too cool for you anyway. The most accurate description of Rachel can be found in the form of a pin on her laptop bag which reads: “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Corey Culbertson is an undergraduate student at New College of Florida where he is studying English literature. He likes books.

Joseph Estevez is a 19 year old first-year from Ocoee, Fl. He is intending to have his AOC in Science Writing.

Katia Diamond-Sagias is an aimless literature major with an affinity for angrily cleaning everything in her sight and constant self-sabotage. She doesn’t know much about anything at all, and apologizes in advance for any awkward interaction you may have with her. Katia always smells books before she reads them, consistently neglects her knees when shaving, [doesn’t learn from her mistakes] and thinks pillow-fort making should be an olympic sport. Make a tasteful Lord of the Rings reference and she will adore you; mention any type of citrus in her presence[excluding limes] and she will despise you for as long as she lives. Don’t ask her why she does anything.

Amber Standridge is a 19-year-old second year student from Fernandina Beach, Florida and currently attends New College of Florida. They are (tentatively) hoping to do a Humanities AOC.

Stetson Cooper is a 21-year old third-year college student from Ocala, Florida. He received his AA in Humanities from College of Central Florida, and is currently working on attaining his BA, also in Humanities, from New College of Florida.

Margaret Konkol is a Visiting Assistant Professor of American Literature at New College of Florida where she teaches courses on environmental literature, poetry, and transnational modernism. Her research interests include modernism, poetry & poetics, environmental humanities, archive theory, gender studies, and digital humanities & pedagogy.



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